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Wondering what happens during this consultation?  Let’s walk you through it.


  1.  Book your consultation above. It’s free and the only way to learn more about us.
  2. Bring a water bottle wear something you’re comfortable moving around in, and if you think you’ll be joining, payment information.
  3. Discuss joining a personal training program with anyone who makes financial decisions with your family.  If we are the right for one another, we will offer you a custom program on the stop.

    Note:  After about a decade in business, we’ve had exactly three people come back after they say they need to think about it.  Those three said they were so afraid to sign up that they almost didn’t.  Don’t defeat your health and fitness journey before it gets started!  

  4. Meet your new Coaches!  During the consultation, we’ll introduce you to other Outworkers, everyone on our Team working that day, and then deep dive into your workout history, movement capabilities, goals, and, if everything sounds like it’ll be a great fit, offer you a custom program designed to meet you where you’re at for a pain free fitness and health experience that has you living a strong, happy, and healthy life. You’ll feel younger and look amazing.
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