We have 4 more weeks until the Rugged Maniac!

You’re already kicking ass with your workouts in the gym, but it’s probably time to add a little bit of running to make the obstacle course run a little more fun (Running… fun…? What?).

Here’s our second week of running workouts. Scroll down to the bottom two workouts if you already enjoy running (or at least pretend to enjoy it), or start right here if you aren’t currently a runner:


For OUTworkers who DO NOT currently run

Week 2

Workout #1

  1. 5 minutes of moderate (not fast) pace walking for a warm-up

B1 2 minutes of slow jogging

B2 2 minutes moderate to fast walk

B = 7 rounds

  1. End with a slow to moderate pace walk for a 5-10 minute cooldown

Workout #2

30 – 40 minute walk. If you feel up to it, jog for  2 min every 10 minutes (so minute 10-12, 20-22, 30-32, etc)


For OUTworkers who DO currently run

Week 2

Workout #1

  1. 5 minutes slow jog

B1 Run 3 miles, focus on breathing and controlling pace.  Second mile should be slightly faster than your first, and your third mile should be an 8.5/10 effort (labored breathing, but not so hard that you can’t maintain pace.

  1. End with a slow mile or 10 minute cool down jog.

Workout #2

40 minute light jog.  Every 10 minutes, pick up the pace for 2 minutes  to about 9/10. Hard running pace, but not sprinting.  Maintain form, and then slow back down to your slow jog pace after 2 minutes

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